University of Calgary invests $150,000 in Qualisure through the UCeed Health Fund

Following an extensive evaluation of Qualisure Diagnostics; technology and commercialization plan, the University of Calgary invested in Qualisure Diagnostics Inc. through the UCeed program. The investment will be instrumental in advancing Qualisure’s technology development and commercialization efforts. The support received from UCeed is also expected to encourage further private investment in Qualisure.

UCeed is a philanthropically powered early-stage investment program accelerating UCalgary and community-based start-up companies to advance problem-solving research, create jobs and fuel the economy. A key program in the UCalgary innovation ecosystem, UCeed bridges the gap between innovation, demonstration and commercialization, and is managed by UCalgary’s knowledge-transfer and business incubator, Innovate Calgary. UCeed selected four companies to pursue during the first round of investment. From new ways to treat asthma to cancer care products, the first round of investees is an exciting and diverse group. You can learn more here.