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Thyroid GuidePx® is a prognostic test for
papillary thyroid cancer

Thyroid GuidePx® is performed on next generation sequencing (RNASeq). The test provides a molecular subclassification of papillary thyroid cancer that is based on the expression of 82 genes.

Thyroid GuidePx® simplifies prognostication, and identifies a low risk group with <3% recurrence rate. The test outperforms the American thyroid Association Clinical Risk Stratification System.

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Introducing to Thyroid GuidePx®

Scientific Evidence

Thyroid GuidePx®, validated and run through our CAP/CLIA laboratory accredited partner, Protean Biodiagnostics, ensures consistent and accurate results. We invite you to explore the studies that support our test. These studies demonstrate the rigorous scientific research and proven clinical value of our test.

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Stratisfying Risk with Thyroid GuidePx®

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