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Introducing Thyroid GuidePx®

Helping guide your papillary thyroid cancer treatment journey!

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We are Hiring! Sales Product Lead

Sales Product Lead: To facilitate the rapid adoption and growth of Thyroid GuidePx®, Qualisure is currently seeking a Sales Product Lead to facilitate sales in the US market. This position demands strong collaborative and communication skills, including the ability to…

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Read the research!

Read the research behind our Thyroid GuidePx(R) test! A Clinically Useful and Biologically Informative Genomic Classifier for Papillary Thyroid Cancer SUMMARY Clinical management of papillary thyroid cancer depends on estimations of prognosis. Standard care, which relies on prognostication based on…

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2022 American Thyroid Association – Dr. Oliver Bathe

October 19-23 2022. Dr. Oliver Bathe presented results from a study of 742 patients at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association. The study demonstrated that Thyroid GuidePx® has a 97% specificity in identifying patients with low-risk papillary…

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Qualisure Diagnostics: An AICE-Validate Success Story

CALGARY, ALBERTA,  Recently Jon Hagan, Senior Business Partner in Marketing and Communications at Alberta Innovates, sat down with our CEO Dr. Oliver Bathe. Jon explored the Qualisure commercialization journey with Dr. Bathe and how Qualisure benefited from accessing Alberta Innovates’…

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