Precision Diagnostics

Personalizing your Cancer Journey

Qualisure Diagnostics Inc. develops molecular diagnostic tests that enhance cancer care through early detection, improving diagnostic precision, and facilitating individualization of treatments.

Our biomarkers and algorithms are designed to make cancer screening easier and more convenient for the patient; to guide decision making for oncologists; and to drive cost savings for the healthcare system.

Each of our biomarkers is designed to influence clinical decision making and to facilitate Precision Medicine.

Meet Our Team

  • Oliver Bathe
    Oliver Bathe MD, FRCSC, FACS

    Oliver Bathe is a surgical oncologist with over 25 years of clinical experience. He is also a professor of Surgery and Oncology at the University of Calgary.

  • David Bocking
    David Bocking  

    David Bocking has over 33 years of experience in the health, technology, and energy sectors. He has held executive roles in sales, product management and marketing.

  • Farshad Farshidfar
    Farshad Farshidfar MD, PhD

    Farshad Farshidfar is a physician scientist with wide background in biomarker development, genomics, and cancer biology.

  • Cynthia Stretch
    Cynthia Stretch PhD

    Cynthia Stretch is an oncology researcher with over 10 years of experience using omic technologies in wet and dry laboratory settings.

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Qualisure Diagnostics Inc.

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