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Our published research

A clinically useful and biologically informative genomic classifier for papillary thyroid cancer Front. Endocrinol., 12 September 2023 Sec. Thyroid Endocrinology Volume 14 - 2023 | Clinical management of papillary thyroid cancer depends on estimations of prognosis. Standard care, which relies…

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thyroid gland with a scalpel. the thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped organ in the neck, is the focus, and a surgical scalpel is positioned nearby, ready for a thyroid surgery procedure.

Surgical Approaches to Thyroid Cancer

Surgical Approaches to Thyroid Cancer Thyroid cancer, a complex disease affecting the thyroid gland, often requires surgical intervention as a primary treatment option. Surgical approaches play a central role in the management of most forms of thyroid cancer, aiming to…

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Precision Oncology Explained

Precision Oncology Explained Understanding Precision Oncology Precision oncology is a cutting-edge method of treating cancer that takes into account each patient's unique characteristics to make more personalized treatment decisions. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, precision oncology looks at the…

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