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Our Team
Oliver Bathe
Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Bathe, MD is a surgical oncologist with over 25 years of clinical experience. As a result, he has an excellent understanding of the challenges that patients and clinicians face during their Cancer Journey. He is a professor of Surgery and Oncology at the University of Calgary. His research has mostly been translational in nature, applying cutting edge technological solutions to real clinical problems. In 2004, Bathe founded a large tumor bank that currently houses over 23,000 samples from over 4,000 patients. His involvement in The Cancer Genome Atlas Project (TCGA) and his leadership in the Clinical Proteomic Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) have spurred his interest in systems biology and bioinformatics. He also has experience in clinical trials, serving in leadership positions on several national and international clinical trial groups. He has directed a research program, attracting over $2 million to research related to several technologies, the majority of which have been transferred to Qualisure.